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IRS Phone Scam

Several of our clients have contacted us concerned about calls they have received recently from individuals claiming to be from the IRS. Fortunately for our clients they contacted our office first before responding to the requests made by these callers. If you receive one of these calls do not under any circumstances provide any information to the caller.

There are a few facts we want to make sure are understood about the IRS:
1. The IRS will not contact you by phone requesting payments.
2. The IRS does not take payments over the phone.
3. The IRS will not threaten legal action and/or arrest over the phone or by mail.

Please follow the link below to the information provide by the IRS on ways to spot scam phone calls.
Scam Phone Calls

If you receive any of these type of calls or any other unexpected contact that claims to be from the IRS, feel free to contact our office or your tax professional.